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How ideas come to life at Kyari Innovations

Right from conceptualization of ideas to getting the product to the customer, we make sure that we are innovating and optimizing the process every step of the way.

Industrial Design

Optimized design for rapid manufacturing, 3D printing, or molding and casting


Streamlined manufacturing and assembly workshop equipped with latest machinery


Influential network of industry experts, distributors and partners across the globe

IoT Integration

We make our products future ready, equipped with latest technology

Success story of ANIDERS

This product is saving countless human and animal lives across the globe. It has changed the landscape of farming and is transforming the lives of villagers living near reserved forest areas. Its currently the best solution available in the market to mitigate Human-Wildlife Conflict


It takes the best to deliver the best

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Abhay Sharma

An innovator with expertise in product design and development, Abhay founded Kyari Innovations while he was pursuing his Mechanical Engineering degree.
He was also awarded with prestigious National Budding Innovator Award in 2017 for ANIDERS.

Abhay Sharma
smratika Team Kyari.jpg
Smratika Sharma
Brand and Marketing Strategist

She has expertise in brand building and marketing.

Smratika Sharma
Brand and Marketing Strategist
Shirish Team Kyari
Shirish Ojha
Business Development Manager

Shirish Ojha
Business Development Manager
Bishan Singh
Bishan Singh
Head - Logistics and Production

Bishan Singh
Head - Logistics and Production

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What are Wildlife Corridors?

Humans have increased their activities in the recent past leaving behind the remnants for the wildlife around. Activities like expanding agricultural fields, building new network of roads and rapid urbanization have shrunk the forest area and reduced the habitat of wildlife into small patches. This division of wildlife is often referred to as fragmentation.

Human-Wildlife Conflict

Humans and animals have co-existed for millions of years as harmony is the way of nature. But with advancements in society, economy and cultures we have parted our ways from it. Yet nature has its own rules, regulations and rhythms, and so many a times humans have to face grave dangers of the wild.

This is how you can prevent crop-raiding by a stray animal in Chandrapura, Maharashtra

Chandrapura, Maharashtra has a huge problem of Human-Animal Conflict where thousands of crop-raiding cases are getting reported annually. Apart from the traditional practices […]

Strategies to protect your crop against elephants

Kodagu village, Mysore has a huge problem of Human Wildlife Conflict where thousands of crop raiding cases are getting reported annually. Apart from […]

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