Animal Intrusion Detection and Repellent System

- Preventing Crop Raids and Protecting Wildlife -

Mitigating Human-Wildlife Conflict

Due to increase in human encroachment into wildlife spaces, Human-Wildlife Conflicts are becoming a serious issue in many parts of the globe.
ANIDERS is the best solution currently available in market to mitigate HWC safely and effectively. It is one of a kind smart scarecrow that is replacing all conventional practices of HWC mitigation for good. It also ensures protection of animal corridors.

Protecting Agricultural Land

Farmers near protected forest areas suffer huge crop loss due to crop raiding by wild animal like elephants, wild boar and deer. ANIDERS, when installed in the periphery of farmland, successfully detects and repels such animals 91% of the times. This in turn can lead up to 60% increase in crop yield. It protects the fields 24*7 without the need of human intervention.

Saving Human and Animal Lives

Countless humans and animals die each year because of HWC. Ineffective and dangerous practices followed across globe like Electric fencing, trenches and traps do more harm than good. ANIDERS uses intelligent light and sound alarm system that safely repels the animals away without inflicting any harm on them. It also ensures protection of farmer lives by warning them of approaching danger.

Key Features

  • Solar Powered
  • Weatherproof
  • Unique Sound and Light Combinations
  • IoT Enabled
  • Dashboard Integration
  • Safe for Humans and Animals
  • Delayed Animal Habituation
  • Easy and Quick to Deploy

Effectiveness on Wild Animals %

Elephant 80%
Tiger, Leopard and other Big Cats 98%
Wild Boar 90%
Deer 80%
Rabbit 90%

Applications of ANIDERS

ANIDERS for Forest Department

Forest departments of states pan India and abroad have installed ANIDERS to mitigate Human Wildlife Conflict in their region. ANIDERS - KyariWe have installed ANIDERS for forest departments of 20+ States in India. ANIDERS - Kyari Bhutan

ANIDERS has gained popularity among forest officials and villagers because of its ease of installation, its effectiveness and its safe application.

Forest departments constantly get confronted with situations where they have to choose between the safety of the animals and the villagers. But ANIDERS is one such solution that effectively solves the problem for them while making sure the animals and villagers are not hurt.

Wild animals like Elephants and big cats have proven dangerous even for the forest officials as they have been attacked in various situations when they arrived at the scene of conflict. Not just in India but in other countries where wildlife is diverse like, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia – ANIDERS can prove to be effective.

ANIDERS for Wildlife Conservation 

Traditional HWC mitigating practices followed by humans have proved to be deadly and torturous for animals. ANIDERS- WWFPractices like installing electric fences, digging up trenches and building solid walls have disrupted the natural flow of wildlife and do great amount of damage in long term. ANIDERS has been designed to be 100% safe for humans and animals alike. It forms a virtual barrier of protection through infrared sensing and triggers an alarm when an animal intrusion is sensed. This virtual barrier takes care of Animal Corridors and ensures that the animal is repelled without any harm.  The alarm sounds are unique and random, this ANIDERS- Africa ensures that animals do not get habituated it easily. We have worked with top organizations in conservation like IUCN, UNDP, WWF, WII and Elephants Without Borders.

Wild Labs, a global community of technologists and conservationists based out of New Zealand, also mentioned in their case study that ANIDERS is currently the best solution available in market to mitigate Human Wildlife Conflict.

ANIDERS for Farmlands

Due to lack of an effective solution to protect farmlands from wild animal intrusions, farmers either install high tension electric fences or stay up all night to manually guard their fields.ANIDERS- Farmers1 This is not only dangerous for the animals but also for the farmers and their families. ANIDERS- FarmersCountless animal lives are lost each year due to electrocution and many farmers die due to confrontation with wild animals.

ANIDERS is solar powered stand alone device that can be easily installed in the periphery of  the farmland. It raises a light and sound alarm when senses an intrusion. It works throughout night without any human intervention.

ANIDERS also alerts the farmers if there is any intrusion sensed, so that farmers can take required action to protect themselves in their crops.

ANIDERS for Railways

Most of the railway lines cut through animal corridors and countless wild animals die each year on railway tracks due to train accidents.

ANIDERS, if installed alongside the railway tracks, can save the precious lives of these animals by protecting them of approaching danger. When a train is approaching, ANIDERS can repel the wild animals that are approaching towards the railway tracks.

Elephant deaths on the railway tracks can be easily prevented by implementation of ANIDERS Solutions.

ANIDERS- Railways

ANIDERS for Highways

Highways that cut through dense forests usually have high rates of animal deaths due to accidents.ANIDERS- Highways ANIDERS can be installed alongside the highways to monitor the animal movement and to protect them from heavy traffic on the road. We did a pilot project on Delhi- Jaipur highway with CISCO to implement a monitoring system near toll plaza.

Whenever an animal is approaching the towards a busy highway, ANIDERS would trigger an alarm system to warn the animal away from the highway. When the traffic is low and subdued, animals can be allowed to cross the road with safety.

ANIDERS - Highway- CiscoANIDERS - 1Highway- Cisco

ANIDERS for Surveillance 

In order to monitor the animal movements and intrusion in an area, ANIDERS can be integrated with GSM facility. ANIDERS- DashboardUpon any movement detection, an alert can be received in real time on a registered mobile number. This is specially helpful when the owner wants to remotely monitor the intrusions. The GSM facility can be integrated with a dashboard to view and record the intrusions in a structured manner.

ANIDERS, integrated with a complete surveillance package, can be used as a powerful surveillance tool: Real time intrusion alerts, intrusion data presented on a dashboard, infrared alarm system and sector specific detection.

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ANIDERS has been proven effective on these animals and other animals of these sizes



Big Cats

Wild Boar

Wild Boar


Deer/ Antelopes



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