Smart stick forester header image Protecting the Protectors of Wildlife Forester smart stick

This tech-enabled stick is a multipurpose gadget that every
wildlife protector should carry while on a forest visit


Weather-Resistant and Rugged

Meticulously designed to provide strength and withstand high impacts

Rechargeable Battery

Long lasting battery that can last for days without charging

Panic Alarm

Bright flashlights coupled with loud hooter to alert in distress

Multi-Mode LED Lights

Powerful LED lights with 7 modes, 2 in front and 1 down-light

Electro Probe

Capable enough to immobilise attacker temporarily without causing serious injuries

Power Bank

To charge your phone in case of an emergency


Stick for hikers

Wildlife Conservationists

Stick for Wildlife Conservationists


Stick for forest rangers

Forest Rangers

Kyari for

The Indian Forest Department

17+ Indian State Forest Departments are using Smart Sticks

How is Smart Stick Forester Serving the Forest Rangers?

Our forest rangers and officers patrol through the dense forests while putting their life at risk. They frequently encounter dangerous wild animals like- Elephant, tiger, leopard and bear, and in many cases these encounters become lethal. We have especially designed this stick for the safety of these brave rangers, and officers.

Packed with safety features, this stick is a multipurpose gadget that every wildlife protector can carry while patrolling in the wild.

This MULTIPURPOSE stick will not only help you
TREAD THE TOUGHEST TERRAINS but will also give you
CONFIDENCE OF SAFETY in case of a crisis

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Smart Stick Forester
and how it can hep you?

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