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What are ‘Wildlife Corridors’ and why are they crucial?

Animals have a nature to migrate from place to place rather than stay at one place for longer durations. Such seasonal migrations are facilitated by these corridors. They are crucial for ecological balance and to avoid genetic adaptation to a specific region.

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What we all need to know about Human-Wildlife Conflict

Human-Wildlife Conflict is a multifaceted issue as it is very evident that there is suffering on both sides. On one hand we see extinction of different species and their loss of habitat while on the other we see many people losing their lives or means of livelihood.

Strategies to protect your residential area from elephants

Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu has a huge problem of Human-Wildlife Conflict where thousands of crop-raiding cases are getting reported annually. Apart from the traditional practices that people use to protect their themselves from Elephant intrusion, there are not many technical solutions available to help them.

Existing methods like electric fences are no longer efficient in case of elephants because they break the fences with the help of wooden log and enter the farmlands. Once the elephant enters the areas, it is extremely difficult to scare them away because elephants have got immune to the human tricks. It is also extremely dangerous for the people to confront an elephant.

Installing a device called ANIDERS is a much smarter, safer and effective way to protect crops from elephants. This smart solution can protect the crops from all kinds of wild animals without causing any harm to the wildlife.

It can protect the crops from animals like: Elephants, Nilgai, Wild Boar, Rabbits, Deer, Etc.

It can also protect the people living around forests from wild cats like: Tiger, Leopards, etc.

How ANIDERS works?

ANIDERS is one machine that works like an automatic scarecrow. It uses Infrared Sensors to detect any animal entering the farm and then it uses a light and sound alarm system to repel the detected animal away from the farmland.  The device is solar-powered, hence does not need any power supply to charge its battery. It charges itself during the day and then works throughout the night.

ANIDERS is robust and can be used in any kind of weather. Using ANIDERS is remarkably simple, there is no need to set up any electrical connection. It is an independent unit that can be installed anywhere in the farmland with access to sunlight.

It can replace the need of an electric fence as it builds a virtual fence around the farmland instead of making a physical fence. It is safe for the farmers and for the wild animals as well.

More about the device here.

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Actual footage of Elephants reacting to ANIDERS.