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While the whole nation is mourning over the gruesome killing of an innocent elephant and her unborn child, there is a key information that we all are missing out in this whole incident. It’s the fact that the elephant ate a pineapple stuffed with cracker. Some source say that the pineapple was fed to her by locals, others say that she mistakenly ate it as it was kept as a bait for the wild boars. Either ways, we cannot ignore the fact that such pineapples filled with firecrackers are regularly used by locals as bait to lure animals and kill them in order to take revenge from them for crop destruction. These innocent wild animals intrude in the farmlands of locals in search of food and fall prey to such heinous traps.

Since ages these practices are being followed by locals everywhere. Wild animals have been a subject of torment in one way or the other and all this is because there is no way for the farmers to protect their farmlands from such wild animals.

Electric fencing hardly ever protects a farm, walls cannot be created everywhere, trenches cannot be dug everywhere, and humans cannot physically guard their fields all the time. These failures to protect crop has led to the use of such deadly practices by farmers. Farmers are also desperate because their lively hood depends on these crops. A solution is needed that can protect the crops while ensuring the safety of wild animals. And there is a solution. ANIDERS- Animal Intrusion Detection and Repellent System.

This device when installed in the periphery of a farmland senses the approaching wild animal and triggers a light and sound alarm. As soon as the wild animal hears the alarm, they quickly run away from the fields. This device uses the element of surprise to scare the animal away without physically inflicting any harm on the animal. Since this device works on infrared sensing, there is no need to create physical barriers like fences, walls or trenches. This practice is ensuring that animal corridors stay protected.

Not only pan India, this device is saving animal lives and protecting the farms across globe – Africa, Malaysia, Bhutan. Organizations like WWF India, WII, IUCN, Elephant without Borders and UNDP have been installing ANIDERS Pan India on smaller scales. Forest departments of states like Uttarakhand, Bihar and Uttar Pradesh are proactively installing this device in their problem regions.

When the solution is there, then why is there still a delay to implement it?

It’s the right time when such innovations should be given a chance to showcase their potential. The world is looking at us, how we deal with such crisis is what matters the most. Old ways must be replaced by new tech solutions. Government and farmers have to trust such technologies because they are the future.

Saving the wildlife is the need of the hour. Each animal death is adding up to the impact that would be seen few years from now. We can save this from happening by being proactive TODAY.

How ANIDERS can effectively work to protect farmlands from animal intrusions without inflicting any harm on the wildlife

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